Give Your Frozen Cells A Vitality Boost

Asking cells to come back to life after cryopreservation is like asking your teenage son or daughter to be out of bed before 10 AM on a Saturday morning.  Chances […]

The Power of Visualization

In science, as in many other disciplines, seeing is believing. Fluorescent cell staining is a common and reliable technique to visualize many different aspects of a cell’s state. There are […]

Giving Your Cells a Smoother Ride

Pursuing cell analysis often means trying to give your target cells a ride with the least turbulence:  a smooth and steady experience that leaves your cell population calm, relaxed, and […]

Reduce the Garbage in Your scRNA-seq Data

Reduce the Garbage (aka Noise) in Your scRNA-seq Data to Ensure Meaningful Data Single-cell transcriptional data sets can illuminate the path to that rare, elusive cell type lurking in the […]

Tumor Dissociation of Highly Viable Cell Suspensions

Tumor Dissociation of Highly Viable Cell Suspensions in Breast Cancer Research Overview – Incidence of Breast Cancer National Breast Cancer Awareness Month started October 1st. This annual spotlight serves as […]

Hepatocyte Isolation and Purification

Hepatocyte Isolation and Purification – A Worldwide Research Priority The largest solid organ in the body is the liver. Made up primarily (i.e., at least 80%) of hepatocytes of various […]