Visualize sample preparation like never before

Characterize during the sample enrichment step to integrate insights

LeviMetrics™ analysis software delivers next generation analysis of samples obtained directly from the sample preparation process. Novel to Levitation Technology™, sample images are captured when run on the LeviCell® system and can be visualized and analyzed on this revolutionary platform to provide key insights into the sample prior to any subsequent downstream analytical assay.

As standalone software, analyze sample data on the LeviCell EOS control PC or on a personal Windows 10 (or higher) computer. Observe the presence of  debris, cell clumps, calculate fraction percentages and optimize for the next experiment.

Next level metrics

Metrics from sample processing can be obtain like never before. The LeviCell system’s unique ability to suspend cells in three-dimensional space combined with on-board bright-field and fluorescent imaging allows AI-based software to characterize the sample during the enrichment process, integrating these insights into a complete workflow.

Optimizing for the next experiments is easy. Characterize and learn more about your samples through image analysis and simulation.

See and characterize

LeviMetrics works directly with the image data acquired during a LeviCell EOS run. Review the levitation and collection of the samples similarly to the real-time processing. View images of the sample-processing at various time points, take screenshots of the levitation, or export movies for sharing.

Levitation Technology does not require labels or dyes, however use green fluorescence and red fluorescence imaging is available to analyze specific populations as they levitate. See how specific populations behave during levitation or characterize the health of samples visually using live/dead stains.

Remove the black box of sample preparation

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LevitasBioⓇ is leveraging the power of levitation, imaging, and AI to develop a suite of sample characterization tools on the LeviCell platform. Stay tuned as further enhancements to sample characterization and cell analysis are developed.

The new world of sample processing is here.