Giving Your Cells a Smoother Ride

Pursuing cell analysis often means trying to give your target cells a ride with the least turbulence:  a smooth and steady experience that leaves your cell population calm, relaxed, and as close to their native state as possible.

For some tissues, this is a challenging thing to achieve.  Some cells must take many forms of transportation before they arrive at their destination, which makes for a stressful experience. I am sure you can relate if you have ever taken a multi-leg flight journey, followed by a train, followed by a car or taxi.  It is enough to switch anyone’s immune system into fight mode.

Microglia cells are an attractive target of study as the main immunomodulators of the brain, and because of their role in many neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.   Standard isolation methods however involve many steps and can often cause unwanted transcriptional activation due to mechanical stressors.  In this Research Snapshot, we illustrate how the LeviPrepTM Tissue Dissociation Kit, together with the LeviCellTM system, can help to enrich microglia cells while minimizing stress and maintaining homeostasis.  Now doesn’t that sound like a more pleasant journey?

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