True Biology Begins Here.

Any size, any type.

Reliable results with any size, cell, or sample type.

No cell damage or activation.

Discover your cell’s true biology by eliminating dyes, labels, and harsh processing.

Simple and fast.

Win the discovery race with a process that yields actionable results 80% faster than other methods.
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Solutions Powered by Levitation Technology

  • LeviPrep™ Tissue Dissociation Kits
    Tunable cold dissociation in 30 minutes
  • LeviCell™ Label-Free Enrichment Systems
    Enrich and purify precious cells of interest
  • LeviSelect™ Target Cell Enrichment Kits
    Isolate target cells, including subpopulations
  • LeviMetrix™ Sample Characterization Software – Coming Soon
    Gain deeper insights into your run results