Give Your Frozen Cells A Vitality Boost

Asking cells to come back to life after cryopreservation is like asking your teenage son or daughter to be out of bed before 10 AM on a Saturday morning.  Chances are you will have to coax, bribe, charm, or physically wriggle them back to life…and even then, you may be conversing with someone operating at 50% capacity for the first 45 minutes.

This may render your teen useless at performing basic tasks like putting their dishes away or cleaning up their room.  Your favorite cells can unfortunately also be rendered mostly useless by the process of long-term “sleep.”  In fact, many will not survive the procedure and cannot be used for downstream analysis.

With the LeviCell™ platform, samples with an abundance of dead or dying cells are gently processed to remove these unwanted cells, enriching only the viable cells that have survived the freeze/thaw journey.  In our research snapshot “Enrichment of Viable PBMCs with Levitation Technology,” we demonstrate the successful revival of cryopreserved peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) through cellular enrichment. After initial thawing, the starting viability of these cells was as low as 20%. After a short enrichment with the LeviCell system, we were able to boost the viability to ~90%, a recovery that was independent of the number of cells loaded.

It’s the equivalent of a glass of fresh juice, a cup of coffee, and a hearty breakfast.  Enough to bring even the laziest sample back to life!

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