Levitation Technology

A revolutionary workflow unlike traditional cell enrichment methods

Cell separation and characterization on real-world samples

The LeviCell® platform offers a revolutionary workflow in its simplicity, speed, and reproducibility. Unlike traditional cell enrichment methods, this platform requires only 3 hands-on steps and has a 20 minute run from start to finish.

Levitation Technology™ is the first truly novel approach to cellular analysis in 30 years. Extensive research has shown that cells of different types or states have unique physical signatures, levitating in predictable ways when they encounter a magnetic density field. Here’s how it works.

Levitation workflow

Sample introduction

Prepare the sample by adding the Levitation Agent, a paramagnetic solution. After inserting the cartridge into the system, dispense the sample into the inlet well.

*Illustration shows the LeviCell 1.0 system workflow. The workflow process is in parallel for LeviCell EOS system.

Separation channel levitation

The system automatically loads the sample into the separation channel while the sample is imaged and levitated. The system performs automated, label-free enrichment plus debris removal via levitation.

Sample collection

Once the cells have levitated to their final equilibrium position, a live view in the software enables the user to define how the sample will be divided (fraction of interest and waste). Separated fractions are collected into the cartridge outlet wells.

Levitation inside the separation channel

The different cell types equilibrate at different levitation heights. As the sample flows through the system, different cell types are analyzed and collected.

Levitation takes place due to forces exerted by the magnets on the paramagnetic fluid around the cells. Viable cells are impermeable to the Levitation Agent, resulting in strong levitation. Dead and dying cells are permeable to the Levitation Agent due to their compromised membranes, so the magnetic forces are weaker as they are more similar to the surrounding medium.

  • Viable cells levitate higher and form a tight uniform band
  • Dead and dying cells levitate lower and form a diffuse band

The LeviCell systems’ gentle separation process maintains maximum cell viability, enabling the preservation of cell population representation for downstream assays sensitive assays like single-cell analysis.

Watch Levitation Technology in action

See live capture video of our groundbreaking levitation technology enabling cell isolation and enrichment on real-world samples.

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LeviCell systems utilize Levitation Technology to provide breakthrough performance, elevating sample enrichment to new heights. Achieve viable cell enrichment with a simple 3-steps, 20-minute run – no expertise required.

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