Early Access now available for the LeviPrep Nuclei Kit


Minimize transcriptional changes for unaltered gene expression


New methods for tissue dissociation

LeviPrep products provide the first step of an integrated workflow for challenging primary tissue work. Enrichment of primary cells from tissue can be easy and effective while still preserving cell health and maximizing cell recovery. Pre-optimized protocols and kitted reagents allow researchers to quickly ramp up their experiments. Combined with the power of Levitation Technology™ and the LeviCell® System, enrichment of highly viable cells with minimal perturbations and free of debris, dead or dying cells can be easily accessible for downstream studies.

LeviPrep Tissue Dissociation Kit

Cold tissue dissociation in minutes.

Unlock Your Cells

  • Dissociate difficult tissues
  • Access sensitive cell types
  • Obtain viable samples from necrotic tissues

Fast Start

  • Pre-optimized protocols
  • Ready-to-go
  • Unique dissociation method

Increase cell viability with post-dissociation enrichment

Figure 1. Three tissues (perfused brain, liver, lung) were harvested from 24 hour old mouse and dissociated using LeviPrep Mouse Tissue Dissociation Kit. Cold dissociation protocol ensures viability and cell health is maintained. Cells were subsequently run on the LeviCell system to further improve viability.


End-to-End Levitation-based workflow

Streamline your complete sample processing workflow with Levitation Technology.


Access primary cells from tissue samples through cold dissociation


Uncover pure, viable cells free of debris, dead cells and contaminants


Select cells of interest by modulating levitation through density or particles


Characterize levitating samples through Ai-based software tools for actionable insights

Ordering info

Kit Size: 24 rxns/kit


Pre-optimized kit and protocol for fast and easy cold dissociation of mouse brain, lung and liver primary tissue. Combined with the LeviCell system, enrich for the healthiest and most viable cells that are free from activation or gene expression changes. This kit allows for the gentlest handing and highest recovery preserving cellular states.

  • Includes 4 different enzymes and protocol
  • Optimized to work with the LeviCell system
  • Additional protocols available for mouse brain tissue