Raising the bar for tissue processing

New methods for nuclei enrichment and tissue dissociation

LeviPrep™ products provide the first step of an integrated workflow for challenging primary tissue work. Enrichment of nuclei and cells from tissue can be easy and effective while maintaining critical biological signatures. Pre-optimized protocols and kitted reagents allow researchers to quickly ramp up their experiments. Combined with the power of Levitation Technology™ and the LeviCell® systems, discover how the enrichment of high-quality cells and nuclei can impact downstream studies.

Redefine how you work with tissues with LeviPrep Kits

LeviPrep Nuclei Kit

Enriched nuclei using the LeviPrep Nuclei Kit II generates visibly uniform and intact nuclei with a significant reduction of clumping and debris contamination.

LeviPrep Mouse Tissue Dissociation Kit

Discover the latest breakthrough in Levitation Technology capabilities. Extract and enrich nuclei from diverse tissues with this novel approach.

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Are you ready to upgrade your sample preparation and increase data reliability?

Kit Size: 16 rxns

Pre-optimized kit for extraction and enrichment of nuclei from fresh or frozen tissue and cells. This kit allows for gentle extraction and preservation of nuclei and clean up of debris ideal for down stream assays like single nuclei sequencing.

  • Includes all reagents and plastic consumables for 16 extractions
  • Includes reagents for nuclei enrichment for use on the LeviCell systems


  • Product Data Sheet
  • SDS Sheets
Kit Size: 24 rxns/kit

Pre-optimized kit and protocol for fast and easy cold dissociation of mouse brain, lung and liver primary tissue. Combined with the LeviCell system, enrich for the healthiest and most viable cells that are free from activation or gene expression changes. This kit allows for the gentlest handing and highest recovery preserving cellular states.

  • Includes 4 different enzymes and protocol
  • Optimized to work with the LeviCell system
  • Additional protocols available for mouse brain tissue