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Raising the bar for nuclei enrichment and tissue dissociation

New methods for nuclei enrichment and tissue dissociation

LeviPrep products provide the first step of an integrated workflow for challenging primary tissue work. Enrichment of nuclei and cells from tissue can be easy and effective while maintaining critical biological signatures. Pre-optimized protocols and kitted reagents allow researchers to quickly ramp up their experiments. Combined with the power of Levitation Technology and the LeviCell® systems, discover how the enrichment of high-quality cells and nuclei can impact downstream studies.

LeviPrep Mouse Tissue Dissociation Kit

Redefine how you work with tissues

Unlock Nuclei

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LeviPrep Nuclei Kit

Simplified workflow

With a few simple steps, the LeviPrep Nuclei Kit enables a fast, easy, and reliable enrichment alternative for nuclei from a variety of starting materials.  The LeviPrep Nuclei Kit efficiently extracts nuclei from tissue while protecting nucleic acid integrity prior to the automated enrichment process on the LeviCell Systems. By leveraging our unique technology, we enable a consistent and gentle separation of unlabeled nuclei from sample debris.

Leverage the LeviCell System for improved workflow and data

  • Gentle, easy, and reliable method for obtaining high-quality nuclei
  • Unique technology removes excessive debris and nuclear aggregates 
  • Automated enrichment processes free up time and reduces variability

Results you can see

Suboptimal extraction protocols with no enrichment often yields problematic nuclear clumping along with significant amounts of debris and background noise.  Enriched nuclei using the LeviPrep Nuclei Kit generates visibly uniform and intact nuclei with a significant reduction of clumping and debris contamination.

Buffer/Wash Only

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LeviPrep Nuclei Kit

Improved sequencing results

When examining single nuclei sequencing results and comparing to a competitor kit, we see that the LeviPrep kit results in a more consistent number of nuclei detected relative to the number of nuclei actually targeted, which is critical for downstream analysis.  Counting nuclei can be confounded due to excess debris in the sample post extraction. Cleaner, more homogenous nuclei samples, yield better counting thereby can lead to higher more consistent reads per cell. Variations in targetted nulcei can cause a reduction in the mean reads per nuclei. Lastly, with high quality samples, there is a lower number of nuclei removed from the data set due to high mitochondrial reads – making the best use of sequencing dollars spent on the experiment.

Additional resources

  • LeviPrep Nuclei Kit Flyer
  • Scientific poster

LeviPrep Nuclei Kit Flyer

Scientific poster

LeviPrep Mouse Tissue Dissociation Kit

Cold tissue dissociation in minutes

With the LeviPrep Mouse Tissue Dissociation Kit, you can dissociate brain, liver, and lung organs using a fast and easy pre-optimized cold dissociation protocol.

Preserve native states
  • Dissociate difficult tissue gently without changing gene expression
  • Access sensitive cell types, avoid harsh conditions
  • Obtain viable samples from debris filled necrotic tissue
Fast, ready-made solutions
  • Pre-optimized protocols for different tissues
  • Obtain healthy, viable cells every time
  • Compatible with the LeviCell systems for debris clean-up

Increase cell viability with post-dissociation enrichment

Three tissues (perfused brain, liver, lung) were harvest from mouse and were dissociated 24 hours later using LeviPrep Mouse Tissue Dissociation Kit. Cold dissociation protocol ensures viability and cell health is maintained. Cells were subsequently run on the LeviCell system to further improve viability.

Embracing diverse fragile cell types of the brain

After processing whole adult mouse brain with LeviPrep Mouse Tissue Dissociation Kit run on the LeviCell system, scRNA-seq was performed. Data analysis showed that all the major cell subtypes present in the brain were represented, including fragile cell subtypes such as microglia. (A) dimensionality reduction analysis demonstrating the clusters of cells detected based on levels of gene expression markers; (B) Percentage of cell subtype representation of processed brain tissue after using the LeviPrep-LeviCell workflow.

Additionally, when compared with brain cell suspensions enriched for viability using cell sorting, the LeviCell system was able to obtain a higher percentage of homeostatic microglia, testifying to the technology’s gentleness and ability to preserve cell native states, even the most fragile cell subtypes. (C) % of homeostatic microglia cells represented in scRNA-seq data after brain tissue dissociation and enrichment with either LeviCell or FACS.

Efficiently enrich for microglia

Efficient microglia enrichment post LeviPrep-LeviCell workflow can be achieved. Levitation Technology is gentle and can handle the most sensitive or fragile cell types with out activation or gene expression alteration. Microglia can be enrich in abundance on the LeviCell systems. (A) Representative UMAP demonstrating diverse brain cell subtpes after enrichment.

Minimize transcriptional changes for unaltered gene expression

LeviPrep-LeviCell workflow enriches homeostatic microglia. (A) Representative UMAP demonstrating different microglia types profiled using single cell sequencing after FACS or LeviCell system. Quantification of percentage of homeostatic microglia (B), proliferating, inflammatory microglia and macrophages (C) per cluster obtained after FACS or LeviCell. 


Discover the advantages that researchers have experienced using Levitation Technology by reading our research snapshot and application note.

Research Snapshot

Application Note

Ordering info

Kit Size: 16 rxns

Pre-optimized kit for extraction and enrichment of nuclei from fresh or frozen tissue and cells. This kit allows for gentle extraction and preservation of nuclei and clean up of debris ideal for down stream assays like single nuclei sequencing.  

  • Includes all reagents and plastic consumables for 16 extractions
  • Includes reagents for nuclei enrichment for use on the LeviCell systems

Kit Size: 24 rxns/kit

Pre-optimized kit and protocol for fast and easy cold dissociation of mouse brain, lung and liver primary tissue. Combined with the LeviCell system, enrich for the healthiest and most viable cells that are free from activation or gene expression changes. This kit allows for the gentlest handing and highest recovery preserving cellular states.
  • Includes 4 different enzymes and protocol
  • Optimized to work with the LeviCell system
  • Additional protocols available for mouse brain tissue