Powerfully simple workflow for label-free cell sorting.

The LeviCellTM delivers a simple, label-free cell separation in a fast, reliable, and gentle solution to sort all types of cell populations. Thus, the LeviCellTM enables studies and beneficial uses of previously inaccessible, high-value primary samples, and sensitive cell types. Separation works regardless of the starting cell number, viability, or sensitivity to processing.

Levicell label-free cell separation

Your cells deserve more than two FACS.

Levicell label-free cell separation

Simplified Workflow

Sort smarter, not harder.  With LeviCellTM, you can drastically reduce the time and manual steps required to sort and treat your samples.
sample prep

Untouched, label-free cells

Live cells in. Live cells out.  Free of dyes and antibodies, the LeviCellTM is simply kinder to your samples.

Any size, Any type.

From small to large cells and embryos and C. elegans, no cell is too sensitive or difficult.

The LeviCellTM cartridge S2.1

The LeviCellTM cartridge is a single-use consumable designed to work with the LeviCellTM 1.0. By containing the entire sample path onboard, it prevents sample to sample cross-contamination issues and negates any cleaning requirements between runs.
label-free cell separation

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How It Works

levicell sample introduction
Sample Introduction

Sample Pipetted into Levitas Consumable.

label-free cell separation
Automated Label-Free Sorting

Top and bottom magnet force levitation based on cell density/characteristics.

sample collection
Sample Collection

Levitated cells transition to a bifurcated tube that separates top and bottom.

LeviCellTM offers a drastic reduction in total run-time by cutting the number of manual steps to sort your cells.

Levicell label-free cell separation

Technical Specifications

Levicell label-free cell separation

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