Powerfully Simple Workflow for Label-Free Sample Enrichment

Next-Generation Sample Enrichment Technology

The LeviCell™ platform delivers simple, label-free cell separation for fast, effective, and gentle enrichment of cells.  This versatile solution can process a broad spectrum of sample types from primary dissociated tissue to fragile or easily stimulated cell types. Purified cells of interest are reliably recovered regardless of starting cell number, cell viability, or sample purity.

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Precision cell enrichment in minutes.

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Any Size, Any Type

  • Compatible with any sample source, cell type, and cell media
  • Scalable to large cells, clusters, and organoids
  • Unaffected by cellular and extracellular debris

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Untouched & Label-Free

  • No dyes or labels of any kind required
  • Low pressure, minimizing cell stress
  • Limited cell activation and expression profile distorsion

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Simplified Workflow

  • Simple 15 minute, 3 step procedure
  • No additional sample prep, purification, or debris removal required
  • Run-to-run reproducibility without calibration

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The LeviCell Cartridge

The LeviCell cartridge is a single-use consumable designed to work with the LeviCell system and is where enrichment is performed. The cartridge is easily loaded and removed from the instrument for simple sample loading and collection and contains the entire sample path onboard thus, preventing sample to sample cross-contamination risk or system cleaning requirements. Its optically clear path enables brightfield and fluorescent imaging in real-time.

Load - Levitate - Collect

Advantages of LeviCell Workflow

The LeviCell system offers a drastic reduction in total run-time by cutting the number of manual steps needed to separate your cells.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications