New Partnership: LevitasBio and Cytiva

LevitasBio secures $18 million in Series B funding led by Thalys Medical


LevitasBio, a life science tools leader in label-free sample enrichment for cellular analysis, today announced the closing of its $18 million Series B financing round, led by Thalys Medical and joined by Series A lead investor Decheng Capital.   The company is the manufacturer of the LeviCell – the world’s first label-free cell separation instrument used to enrich samples prior to cell sequencing and numerous forms of cellular analysis and discovery.  The new funding will allow LevitasBio to both accelerate its commercialization efforts and continue to expand its product portfolio and applications.

In addition to the financing round, Thalys Medical and LevitasBio will form a China-based JV to further develop, manufacture, and distribute LevitasBio’s technology in China.

“We could not be more thrilled to be partnering with Thalys.  They have the global footprint in medical research, the supply chain expertise, and the customer distribution channels to radically accelerate our growth,” says Martin Pieprzyk, Chief Executive Officer at LevitasBio.

Based on technology developed at Stanford University and Harvard University, LevitasBio has pioneered the use of magnetic-induced density gradients to enrich targeted cells from complex samples, without dyes or manipulation.  Its first commercial platform, the LeviCell, was launched in 2020 and is already seeing a significant rise in demand in single-cell workflows where the enrichment provided by the technology greatly enhances analytical data quality downstream.  The protocols allow researchers to remove debris and dead cells from samples in minutes with minimal manual labor compared to existing alternatives that either damage samples or are highly time-consuming and labor-intensive.

“The investment makes part of our global strategy to develop our innovation portfolio in the biotech and diagnostics segment, which has huge application potential and business opportunities. LevitasBio is a natural fit for our portfolio of medical venture investments, and we are so excited to partner with Levitas Bio to build the Single Cell Analysis powerhouse for China through our Joint Venture,” says Zheng Wang (James), Executive Vice President at Thalys Medical Group.

About LevitasBio

LevitasBio is a life science technology company developing products and solutions to enable analysis and understanding of biology, ultimately providing tools for a better tomorrow. The company’s Magnetic Levitation technology is based on inventions from Stanford University and Harvard University and for the first time enables a true, unbiased, and unaltered view of the biological world. Founded in 2017, LevitasBio’s product portfolio already includes over 20 commercial applications ranging from Oncology, Immunology to Bacteriology, all with unique and powerfully enabling value propositions not available in the market today.

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