Precision cell enrichment
and sample preparation

Increase sample viability up to 99%

Remove contaminating dead cells & debris

Run cell numbers as low as 8k

Cut sample prep time by 80%


Meet the uncovered, unaltered, unbiased results with the LeviCell

Powered by our revolutionary Levitation Technology, the LeviCell® 1.0 and LeviCell EOS systems offer world-class cell isolation and enrichment for sample preparation and analysis. For the first time ever, researchers can examine, analyze and understand true biological signatures without altering, stressing, or damaging cells— all while preserving the original samples.

Discover Levitation Technology and LeviCell systems already at top academic and biotech institutions worldwide.

Any size, any type

  • Compatible with any sample source, cell type, and cell media
  • Scalable to large cells, clusters, and organoids
  • Unaffected by cellular and extracellular debris

Untouched & label-free

  • No dyes or labels required
  • Low pressure, minimal cell stress
  • No induced cell activation and expression profile distortion

Simplified workflow

  • Simple 3-steps, 20-minute workflow
  • No additional sample prep, purification, or debris removal required
  • Run-to-run reproducibility without calibration


Introducing LeviCell EOS

Run 4 simultaneous samples and get 5X reduction in dead cells.

The newest addition to our groundbreaking LeviCell product family is powered by the same revolutionary Levitation Technology found in the LeviCell 1.0 system. LeviCell EOS delivers customer-proven, best-in-class cell isolation and enrichment with just simple 3 steps in only 20 minutes, providing MORE of the benefits researchers need.


Elucidating the leptomeningeal immune response to cancer with single-cell proteogenomic profiling

  • Rescued fragile and low quality samples at high yield and obtain high viability with native state preserved
  • Generated high quality multi-omic single cell data with high % of cells passing filter and retained in the analysis
  • Preserved cell type representation, even the most fragile cell subtypes such as dendritic cells and neutrophils

Jan Remsik, PharmD, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, Adrienne Boire LabMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center



The advanced LeviCell system independently validated
by Discovery Life Sciences

  • 100 samples with 100% success increasing viability
  • 20 different challenging diseased solid tissue & leukemias
  • Cell inputs from 4,400 to 5 million+ cells
  • Average cell yields above 60%


End-to-End solutions to power your research

With the revolutionary LeviCell System you’ll experience an easier, more reliable, more accurate workflow for a number of applications. Uncover true biology for real cellular insights using Levitation Technology.

For target cell enrichment, isolation of target cells and subpopulations

LeviSelect™ Kits build on the Levitation Technology by targeting specific cell types of interest. Simultaneously deplete unwanted cells and enrich for unlabeled cells of interest.

Cold dissociation that will minimize transcriptional changes for unaltered gene expression

LeviPrep™ products provide the first step of an integrated workflow for challenging primary tissue work. Enrichment of primary cells from tissue can be easy and effective while still preserving cell health and maximizing cell recovery.


Applied across your research needs

With the revolutionary LeviCell System you’ll experience an easier, more reliable, more accurate workflow for a number of applications.

Viable cell enrichment

Rescue precious samples even at low viabilities and low quantities while simultaneously removing debris and contaminants.

Single cell genomics

Obtain high quality cells and yield more cells, more sequencing data and more significant results.

Flow cytometry

Shorten flow analysis and sorting times, improve scRNA-seq performance metrics, and minimize processing-induced stress, unwanted activation, and unnecessary cell loss.


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