Cell Isolation
& Enrichment
The Right Way.

True biology and real data for your research.

Cellular insights – Uncovered. Unaltered. Unbiased.

Any size, any type

Reliable results with any size, cell, or sample type

No cell damage or activation

Discover your sample’s true biology by eliminating dyes, labels, and harsh processing

Simple and fast

Win the discovery race with a process that yields actionable results 80% faster than other methods

Experience the Levitation Difference.


Decreased expression of activation markers in neural cells by 6x



Lowest % cell loss, highest quality cells and the most robust scRNA data


Non-activation of inflammatory, immune cell compartments and druggable pathways

From tissue to results with our end-to-end solutions

Easily obtain the truth that you are seeking with our integrated portfolio that enables you to:

  • Minimize the cost and frustration of working with challenging samples
  • Eliminate harsh techniques that can alter cells
  • Significantly reduce processing times

LeviPrepTM Tissue Dissociation

Tunable cold dissociation in just 30 minutes

LeviCellTM Label-Free Enrichment

Enrich and purify precious cells of interest

LeviSelect Blurb

LeviSelectTM Target Cell Enrichment

Isolate target cells, including subpopulations

LeviAnalytics Blurb

LeviMetricsTM Sample Characterization

Gain deeper insights into your run results

A faster, easier and more reliable workflow than any other method. 
80% faster. So simple anyone can run it.

LeviCell vs FACS & Beads – Up to 6x Less Steps and 5.8x Less Time

With unprecedented speed and fewer steps, why would you choose anything else?

We provide tools and solutions that allow you to see true biology for the first time. Our workflow does not induce the alterations, stress or damage common with other cell enrichment or sorting methods. We handle your cells with care – delivering the most viable and unaltered cells for actionable insights.

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