Sort Smarter.

Not Harder.

Introducing the World’s First Label-Free Cell Separation Technology

No more beads, dyes or antibodies

Powerfully simple workflow for label-free cell sorting

LevitasBio has introduced the first platform that sorts cells without any markers or modifications.  For the first time, researchers have access to all high-value primary samples regardless of starting cell number or viability.  Our platform, the LeviCellTM, delivers simple, label-free cell separation in a fast, reliable and gentle solution to sort cell populations.  Thus, the LeviCellTM enables studies and beneficial uses of previously inaccessible, high-value primary samples and sensitive cell types.

levicell sample introduction

1. Sample Introduction

Sample pipetted into the LeviCellTM  cartridge.

label-free cell separation

2. Automated Label-Free Sorting

Magnetic force drives levitation based on cells physical properties.

sample collection

3. Sample Collection

Levitated cells transition into separate collection ports for removal.

How It Works​

LevitasBio technology separates individual cells according to type or state based on the different levitation heights which are based on the cells physical properties.

6 advantages for your most precious samples.

The LeviCellTM platform offers a fast, simple, and highly-flexible cell sorting method requiring minimal training and no calibration.

Safe Cells

  • Fits within a cell culture hood or biosafety cabinet
  • Fully enclosed fluidics system within a single-use fully sterile cartridge prevents any cross-contamination 
  • No Aerosols

Happy Cells

  • No dyes or labels required for cell separation
  • No cell stress or high pressure 
  • No gene expression changes in all cell types tested

Fast Workflow

  • RBC removal included in the process 
  • Debris removal included in the process
  • Various cell types can be imaged, counted, and classified within a single 10 minute workflow

Easy to Use

  • No purification or sample preparation before use
  • Run-to-run reproducibility without calibration

Sample Flexibility

  • Works with large cells and clusters including embryos, small animals, and organoids
  • Cells can be suspended in any cell media or liquid
  • Not affected by debris or cell clumps

High Yield and Viability

  • Highest industry yield and viability for all cell types
  • Ability to culture post enrichment
  • Able to sort from very low cell numbers

Levitas technology can also be used to separate cells based on real-time response to drugs and stressors without the need to culture or label the cells.

The platform is simple, allowing users to begin with unprocessed whole blood samples or any sample with cells in suspension.
In a matter of minutes, the instrument and its software automatically perform levitation; label-free separation; quantification of results based on high-resolution imaging; and analysis by cell number, morphology, and levitation profile.

Application areas with proven results.

Sample Prep​

Especially useful with precious or difficult samples, levitation allows users to separate live from dead cells in a fast, simple and gentle process.


Real-time drug response offers a fast, accurate, and simple approach to bacterial detection and antibiotic resistance testing.


For detection and screening of circulating tumor cells, the LevitasBio system solves key technical challenges.

Stem Cells​

Effective, fast, and simple separation of differentiated cells from stem cells and iPSC, allows a culture of homogeneous cell populations.


Accurate separation and identification of key cell types, such as activated leukocytes, could overcome key challenges in CAR-T therapy.

What would you Levitate?​

We are always curious to learn about potential application areas for our technology. If you have ideas for research and collaboration, let us know!