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The World’s First Label-Free Cell Separation Technology

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A powerfully simple workflow for label-free cell enrichment and purification

Introducing the first platform that purifies cells and nuclei in minutes without any markers or modifications.  Prior to running any downstream cellular analysis or expansion, researchers can levitate their sample of interest to focus on the cells that matter – regardless of starting cell number, viability, or purity.

The LeviCell™ delivers simple, label-free cell separation in a fast, reliable and gentle workflow to prepare your samples for better results.

Precision cell enrichment in minutes.

sample size

Any size, Any type

  • Compatible with any sample source, cell type, and cell media
  • Scalable to large cells, clusters, and organoids
  • Unaffected by cellular and extracellular debris

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Untouched Label-Free

  • No dyes or labels of any kind required
  • Low pressure, minimizing cell stress
  • Limited cell activation and expression profile distortion

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Simplified Workflow

  • Simple 15 minute, 3 step procedure
  • No additional sample prep, purification, or debris removal required
  • Run-to-run reproducibility without calibration

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Load - Levitate - Collect

levicell sample introduction


Sample Introduction

Sample pipetted into the LeviCell™ cartridge.
label-free cell separation


Automated Label-Free Sorting

Precision density gradients drive levitation based on cells physical properties.
sample collection


Sample Collection

Selected populations collected into separate ports for further analysis or use.


Simplify your workflow. Improve your results

Sort cells in 80% less time and fewer steps when compared to competing technologies.
facs, beads, levicell

LeviCell™ enhances 10X genomics single cell profiling results for bladder cancer

Residual dead cells, debris, and other contaminants naturally present in dissociated tissue can greatly confound high quality data from a 10X Genomics single cell sequencing workflow.  In this study, the LeviCell platform was used to enrich viable cells prior to the standard workflow to greatly enhance the single cell profiling results, including 3 times the number of cells detected and 6 times the average genes per cell.
t-SNE Projection

PNAS: Magnetic levitation of single cells

Demonstrates the principles of magnetic levitation for the precise separation of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.


Sorting cells through levitation

Reviews the concepts of magnetic levitation for physical property mediated cell separation

advanced biosystems

Levitating Cells to Sort the Fit and the Fat

Demonstrates the ability to monitor and sort normal vs. diseased iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes based on inherent levitation profiles.


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