RNA-Seq: Enhancing Single-Cell Data & Cell Recovery Rates for Complex Tissue Samples

Speaker: Agne Antanaviciute, PhD

Computational Biologist, University of Oxford

Speaker: Stefan Zaharievski

Field Application Scientist, LevitasBio

In this GEN webinar, Dr. Agne Antanaviciute and Stefan Zaharievski, describe how a novel alternative to traditional cell sorting and labeling—LeviCell—can be used to significantly improve single-cell data quality and cell recoveries in complex clinical tissue samples. Additionally, they will detail how they have observed considerable increases in cell recoveries per reaction and overall improvements in data quality while preserving the cell type composition of the samples. Finally, our presenters will show how the LeviCell platform is compatible with CITE-Seq and cell hashing protocols for high throughput processing of multiplexed samples in one single cell reaction.

About Dr. Agne Antanaviciute:

Agne Antanaviciute is a computational biologist working at the MRC Human Immunology Unit at MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford. She has worked in the field of single-cell and spatial biology since 2017, focusing on tissue immunology, development and GI inflammatory and infectious diseases.

About Mr. Stefan Zaharievski:

Stefan Zaharievski is a Field Application Scientist – EMEA for LevitasBio. He is a graduate of biotechnology and biofabrication. After obtaining his MSc from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, he has since enjoyed working in expanding the adoption of innovative technology and its use in scientific research.