Exploring the future of cell therapy research

Broadening Drug Discovery: Use of Unperturbed, Native State Cells to Uncover True Biological Targets at Single-Cell Level

Speaker: Camila Egidio, PhD
Sr. Director of Applications, LevitasBio

In this webinar, we will present how single-cell RNA sequencing has progressed the field of drug discovery and how upstream sample preparation methods that preserve the native state of cells are critical in identifying relevant biomarkers for drug discovery and development.

About Dr. Camila Egidio:

Dr. Camila Egidio is a Molecular Biology Scientist with extensive experience in developing new products and systems to support biomarker discovery and patient testing in the biotechnology industry. In her 14 years of professional experience in the Bay Area, Dr. Egidio has led the development of over 10 products for RUO, IVD and LDT use using high throughput methods at single cell and single molecule sensitivity. In her current role, Dr. Egidio and team reveal how magnetic levitation can segregate finite viable cells present in low quality samples while preserving intact transcriptional signatures for accurate molecular characterization and biological discoveries.

Applications: Single-Cell, Oncology

Key takeaways:

• Learn about single-cell RNA sequencing as a relevant tool for drug discovery
• See data showing how magnetic levitation enriches sparse, healthy, viable cells in low-quality samples and maintains native state for downstream biomarker discovery.