Label-free Enrichment of Live Cells and Quantitative Analysis of Apoptosis in 2D and 3D Cell Culture Samples

Cell and Gene therapy provides great promise to treat many diseases, such as B-cell malignancies, with FDA-approved CAR-T cells. Immune cells are first isolated from the patient or donor, followed by activation, expansion, and ex vivo genetic modification of selected immune cells. It is important to control and monitor the quantity and quality of immune […]

RNA-Seq: Enhancing Single-Cell Data & Cell Recovery Rates for Complex Tissue Samples

In recent years, single-cell RNA sequencing has transformed our understanding of cellular heterogeneity within highly complex tissues and organs, revealing thus far undiscovered cell types and states and characterizing perturbations in disease. However, despite the advances in single-cell technologies, not all tissues and samples can be successfully profiled. This is often due to poor sample […]

Elucidating the Leptomeningeal Immune Response to Cancer With Single-Cell Proteogenomic Profiling

Metastases to the central nervous system from solid primary tumors are a frequent and fatal complication of cancer with limited therapeutic options. Despite the advent of immunotherapy, it remains largely unknown whether and how metastatic cells in the brain and surrounding cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)-filled leptomeninges interact with the immune system. To approach these interactions in […]