Single Cell RNA-Seq versus Single Nuclei RNA-Seq: Accounts from the Lab

Both single cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq) and single nucleus or nuclei RNA-seq (snRNA-seq) are relatively new techniques – both have varying applicability across tissue/sample types, uncertainties arising from technical issues and biological variation are still being quantified. Technical issues arise from variability in mRNA capture efficiency and cDNA amplification bias. Biological variation arises from the heterogeneity […]

Single Cell / Single Nuclei Genomic Profiling is Fundamental to the Future of Biology

The genome, epigenome, transcriptome and proteome are usually distinct for each of the 40 trillion cells in the human body. This cellular heterogeneity means that to fully understand physiology, and the etiology of thousands of genetic-origin diseases afflicting mankind, biologists must have an understanding of the individual cellular origin of disease. If an experiment is […]