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Technical Notes


Quick Reference Guides

Live Cell Enrichment

LeviCell 1.0 System, December 2021

LeviCell System Installation Test

LeviCell 1.0 System, August 2021

How to Make a Movie in Experiment Manager

LeviCell 1.0 System Software, November 2021

User Guides

LeviCell 1.0 Site Preparation Guide
Handy tips to ensure your LevICell delivery and installation goes smoothly.

LeviCell 1.0 Instrument User Guide
A detailed manual for the LeviCell System, with a bonus Live Cell Enrichment protocol thrown in.

LeviCell 1.0 System Installation Guide

Everything you wanted to know about installation of your LeviCell System.

LeviCell Experiment Analyzer User Guide
Learn to navigate our stand-alone image analysis software, Experiment Analyzer v1.0.1.

LeviCell EOS User Guide

A detailed guide to the LeviCell EOS System and navigation of the EOS Manager Software. Includes Bead Test and Viable Cell Enrichment Protocol

LeviCell EOS Site Prep QRG  June 2023

Helpful instructions to help you prepare for the LeviCell EOS delivery and installation