LeviCell - Tech & Spec Sheet

The LeviCell platform is an all-in-one system designed to run the LeviCell disposable cartridge for label-free cell separation applications. The system includes control and analysis software and imaging.

Single Cell Sequencing

Rapid progress in the Single-cell analysis technologies field is necessary for the continued transformation of how we learn about and approach the clinical research, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of a wide range of disease types.

LeviCell System Enables Macrophage Research

As scientists and researchers working with macrophages in vitro know all too well, the promise of new and powerful insights in science that these key cell types offer come at a price of time, frustration, and challenges in reproducing results.

LeviCell - Workflow Comparison

See the advantages of the LeviCell system vs. BEADS or FACS.

Cell and Sample Types

Levitation technology has been extensively tested for a wide range of cell types and applications.

Peer-Reviewed Publication List

Find some of our most recent and interesting peer-reviewed publications describing the use of the technology for a variety of key applications.

Levitating Cells to Sort the Fit and the Fat

Density is a core material property and varies between different cell types, mainly based on differences in their lipid content. Sorting based on density enables various biomedical applications such as multi‐omics in precision medicine and regenerative repair in medicine.

Survey of Crime Laboratories

Participate on the survey of Crime Laboratories on the Subject of Differential Extraction Methods Employed to Obtain Identifiable DNA from Sexual Assault Kits (SAK). (Only for Crime Laboratory professionals)

Levitas presents at the annual ISHI on the Use of Automated Magnetic Levitation Technology in Sexual Assault Forensics

At the 2019 International Symposium on Human Identification, the Levitas team presented on the use of its novel Magnetic levitation technology for label-free separation of cells from sexual assault samples. Here, the Levitas team demonstrates the separation of epithelial cells from sperm and blood from mock forensic.

Materials Views - Small Materials Paper

Integrating Cell Phone Imaging with Magnetic Levitation (i-LEV) for Label-Free Blood Analysis at the Point-of-Living

Sorting cells through levitation - Science Article - Jun. 0215

"What looks like a row of drifting gumdrops could hold a wealth of information for both clinical researchers and bench scientists. A team of bioengineers and geneticists has designed a device that can suspend a single living cell between magnets and measure its density based on how high it floats." Science Magazine

Establishing Separation Parameters for Cell Separation Using Magnetic Levitation

Cell sorting and separation technologies are ubiquitous in molecular biology labs. Their popularity belies the serious limitations these tools have. For instance, flow cytometry requires antibody selection and therefore does not allow for a holistic look at a cellular population.

Materials Views - Advanced Materials Paper

Levitational Image Cytometry with Temporal Resolution

Optimizing Magnetic Levitation: How to Tune Parameters for Best Results

Magnetic levitation is dependent on many aspects of system and assay design. The LeviCell system has been designed to provide maximum flexibility to customers exploring new applications. Therefore, understanding the parameters that provide such flexibility is important to experimental design and outcome.

PNAS: Magnetic levitation of single cells

Here, we demonstrate that both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells can be levitated and that each cell has a unique levitation profile.

Levitas LeviCell Info Sheet

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