single cell analysis

Single Cell Analysis

The LeviCell maintains starting population heterogeneity and minimizes stress to maintain cell physiology, so you can have confidence in your cell preparations.

tissue processing

Tissue Processing

The groundbreaking LeviCell levitation technology efficiently removes dead cells and debris while producing high yields and viabilities of even fragile cell types from a variety of tissue types.

Research Snapshot Organoid 1


As LeviCell technology provides a fast and easy separation of live and dead cells, it can be used to sort the resistant cells of an organoid culture after a drug treatment for further analysis and characterization.

Enriching for Human AVII from Tissue

To meet the need for high-viability isolation of sensitive and difficult cell types such as ATII cells, LevitasBio developed the LeviCell™ system – a powerful, label-free cell sorting platform to gently, rapidly, and efficiently separate and enrich cells.

Population Representation

The Innovative LeviCell™ Platform Removes Debris and Dead Cells While Maintaining Original Representation of Different Cellular Populations.

Stem Cells

The Promise of Stem Cell Therapies and How the LeviCell™ Can Contribute

Large Cells and Organoid Processing

The LeviCell™ enables fast, easy, and robust sorting of large cells, organoids, and embryonic cells.


The LeviCell™ is a gentle, label-free levitation technology which isolates and enriches a pure population of adipocytes in differentiated precursor cell models.


Since the demand for heart transplantation far exceeds the available supply, cell-based cardiac repair therapies are being aggressively pursued as a more pragmatic, cost-effective, and low-risk option. However, despite the decades-long studies performed on cardiomyocytes, this cell type remains one of the more challenging to isolate. The LeviCell offers a real and immediate solution.

Live vs. Bacterial Enrichment

The LeviCell™ System Establishes Highly Effective, Label- and Culture-Free, Robust Bacterial Enrichment, and Separation from Mammalian Cells

Tissue Processing

The LeviCell™ Demonstrates Fast and Robust Live Cell Enrichment from a Range of Tissue Types

Dissociated Tumor Cells

The LeviCell removes debris and enriches for live cells while preserving each unique cell type’s population ratio within the original tumor microenvironment.

LeviCell - Tech & Spec Sheet

The LeviCell platform is an all-in-one system designed to run the LeviCell disposable cartridge for label-free cell separation applications. The system includes control and analysis software and imaging.

Single Cell Sequencing

Rapid progress in the Single-cell analysis technologies field is necessary for the continued transformation of how we learn about and approach the clinical research, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of a wide range of disease types.

LeviCell System Enables Macrophage Research

As scientists and researchers working with macrophages in vitro know all too well, the promise of new and powerful insights in science that these key cell types offer come at a price of time, frustration, and challenges in reproducing results.

LeviCell - Workflow Comparison

See the advantages of the LeviCell system vs. BEADS or FACS.

Cell and Sample Types

Levitation technology has been extensively tested for a wide range of cell types and applications.

Peer-Reviewed Publication List

Find some of our most recent and interesting peer-reviewed publications describing the use of the technology for a variety of key applications.

Establishing Separation Parameters for Cell Separation Using Magnetic Levitation

Cell sorting and separation technologies are ubiquitous in molecular biology labs. Their popularity belies the serious limitations these tools have. For instance, flow cytometry requires antibody selection and therefore does not allow for a holistic look at a cellular population.

Levitas LeviCell Info Sheet

Download or print the latest spec sheet with platform advantages and specs.