Enriched Cells Lead to Improved Quality and 4x More Single Cells in scRNA-seq Dataset

Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) is a powerful tool that can help researchers uncover rare and complex cell populations, evaluate the role of certain genes and/or screen drugs for their effect on different cell types in the context of numerous disorders. In this research snapshot, we demonstrate how the quality of your downstream scRNA-seq data and analysis can be affected by poor-quality samples and how a simple enrichment step can change everything.

Tech Note: Rescue Your Live Cells from Challenging Samples

The LeviCell system consistently rescued viable cells from low-quality suspensions containing dead cells and debris providing usable samples in instances where the Miltenyi Dead Cell Removal Kit failed. The system delivered high performance across a range of cell inputs of 18,500 to 7 million cryopreserved cells with starting viability from 16% to 82%. The routine use of the LeviCell system ensures successful analysis of viable cells across a wide range of starting samples of varying quality quantity and sample types, such as PBMC and DTC-derived single-cell suspensions.

Tech Note: New LeviCell Cartridge: Best Visualization and Same Superior Cell Enrichment

LevitasBio has built a solution for cellular enrichment and characterization around proprietary magnetic levitation technology. At its core, this technology is driven not only by the LeviCell instrument itself, but through its single-use consumable, the LeviCell cartridge. The new S2.3 cartridge design offers better visualization of levitating cells which enables powerful sample characterization through advanced software analytics while providing equivalent performance in sample enrichment.

One Simple Enrichment Step Takes scRNA-Seq to the Next Level

The quality of downstream scRNA-seq data and analysis can be degraded by poor quality samples.  Learn how a simple enrichment step can improve your QC metrics, allow you to retain 2.5 fold more cells, and decrease ambient RNA contamination by 1.7 fold.

Gentle Levitation Uncovers Native scRNA-Seq Transcriptomic Signatures

Isolation and interrogation of single cells from fresh brain tissue is crucial for scientists to understand their role in homeostasis, disease conditions and drug treatments. This application note illustrates how the LeviPrep-LeviCell workflow delivers enriched homeostatic microglia with 2-6 fold decrease in microglia activation markers than alternative isolation methods.

Protocol: Preparation of Adult Mouse Brain for LeviCell System

These protocols provide guidance on how to work with both perfused and non-perfused adult mouse brain, and illustrates how one can enrich for either microglia only or all neural cell types using the LeviCell System.

Simultaneous CD45+ Depletion and Viable Tumor Cell Enrichment

Access to all cells is important when studying the tumor microenvironment. However, characterization of genetic modulations in tumor cells often require removal of immune cells. Levitation Technology enables depletion of immune cells and simultaneous enrichment for viable tumor cells in one run.

Research Snapshot: Improve Flow Cytometry Efficiency and Analysis with Superior DTC Cleanup

Flow cytometry analysis can be confounded by low cell numbers, low cell viability and contaminants such as cellular debris. Sample optimization with levitation technology can address these challenges simultaneously.

Study of Disease Enhanced by Modulation of Levitation Height

While magnetic levitation alone can enrich for live cells from dead to dying cells, we demonstrate how the use of two cellular properties, density and magnetic susceptibility, can alter cells’ levitation height.

Poster: Rare CRISPR BCL-2 KO Cells Discovered Using Levitation Technology

Rare, surviving NALM-16 cells that had BCL-2 knocked out via CRISPR-mediated gene editing were successfully detected and enriched using the LeviCell system.

Parameters to Adjust when using Levicell for Viable Cell Enrichment

LeviCell technology together with its simple workflow, offers a good viable cell enrichment for most cells using the standard recommendations for levitation agent concentration (150 mM, final) and 20 min of levitation time.

Single Cell Enrichment Uncovers Results That Are Unaltered and Unbiased

The LeviCell maintains starting population heterogeneity and minimizes stress to maintain cell physiology, so you can have confidence in your cell preparations.

LeviCell 1.0 Provides Increased and Consistent Viability Enrichment Compared to Bead-Based Method

The groundbreaking LeviCell levitation technology efficiently removes dead cells and debris while producing high yields and viabilities of even fragile cell types from a variety of tissue types.

Simple and Robust Human Organoid Processing Using Levitation

As LeviCell technology provides a fast and easy separation of live and dead cells, it can be used to sort the resistant cells of an organoid culture after a drug treatment for further analysis and characterization.