Levitation simplified: Levitas featured by Mission Unstoppable

Our very own Field Applications Scientist, Danielle Twum, PhD, was featured by CBS’s Mission Unstoppable hosted by Miranda Cosgrove. The show aims to “celebrate women who have become superstars in STEM-related careers – science, technology, engineering, and math.”

Given it’s a younger audience, the program does a great job of breaking down the science behind our technology to really simplify it for a non-scientific viewer.

In this episode, they featured Danielle’s work in cancer research where she has been investigating ways to sort live macrophages to understand their behavior and function. Macrophages are immune cells that play a huge role in cancer spreading through the body separate cancer cells to accelerate cancer research.

“With our work, we have been able to see a reduction in the time it takes to separate immune cells- the LeviCellTM needs only about 30 mins and 3 easy steps to separate cells compared to numerous steps and hours of other methods today. That can make a huge difference for a scientist who is limited by time and money to get the results they are looking for” says Danielle Twum.

See Danielle in action in this video.  A true superhero at LevitasBio!