LeviPrep Nuclei Kit

A radical new approach for nuclei enrichment

Leveraging Levitation Technology™, achieve consistent and gentle separation of unlabeled nuclei from sample debris on the LeviCell® systems. Avoid losing any sample data points by using only highly pure nuclei.

Remove contaminants that can affect downstream single-nuclei sequencing results for both gene expression or epigenetic analysis – forging research discovery forward in multi-omic analysis.

Simplified workflow

With a few simple steps, the LeviPrep™ Nuclei Kit enables a fast, easy, and reliable enrichment alternative for nuclei from a variety of starting materials. The LeviPrep Nuclei Kit efficiently extracts nuclei from tissue while protecting nucleic acid integrity prior to the automated enrichment process on the LeviCell® systems.

Leverage the LeviCell System for improved workflow and data

Results you can see: visibly uniform and intact nuclei

Suboptimal extraction protocols with no enrichment often yields problematic nuclear clumping along with significant amounts of debris and background noise. Enriched nuclei using the LeviPrep Nuclei Kit generates visibly uniform and intact nuclei with a significant reduction of clumping and debris contamination.

Buffer/Wash Only

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LeviPrep Nuclei Kit

Improved sequencing results

When examining single nuclei sequencing results and comparing to a competitor kit, we see that the LeviPrep kit results in a more consistent number of nuclei detected relative to the number of nuclei actually targeted, which is critical for downstream analysis.  Counting nuclei can be confounded due to excess debris in the sample post extraction. Cleaner, more homogenous nuclei samples, yield better counting thereby can lead to higher more consistent reads per cell. Variations in targeted nuclei can cause a reduction in the mean reads per nuclei. Lastly, with high quality samples, there is a lower number of nuclei removed from the data set due to high mitochondrial reads – making the best use of sequencing dollars spent on the experiment.


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Ordering info

Are you ready to upgrade your sample preparation and increase data reliability?
Kit Size: 16 rxns

Pre-optimized kit for extraction and enrichment of nuclei from fresh or frozen tissue and cells. This kit allows for gentle extraction and preservation of nuclei and clean up of debris ideal for down stream assays like single nuclei sequencing.    

  • Includes all reagents and plastic consumables for 16 extractions
  • Includes reagents for nuclei enrichment for use on the LeviCell systems