LeviPrep Mouse Tissue Dissociation Kit

Explore new methods for tissue dissociation

Introducing the LeviPrep™ Mouse Tissue Dissociation Kit, designed to provide the highest quality cells from the dissociation step to access even sensitive cell types. Incorporating cold dissociation, this kit facilitates and prioritizes the preservation of native cellular states.

By employing pre-optimized protocols for lung, liver and brain, researchers can expedite their experimental design. Harnessing the advanced capabilities of Levitation Technology™ and LeviCell® systems, this workflow solution enables enrichment of top-tier cells away from dead, or dying cells and debris, thereby significantly enhancing the outcomes of subsequent analyses.

Cold tissue dissociation in minutes

Preserve native states

Fast, ready-made solutions

Increase cell viability with post-dissociation enrichment

Three tissues (perfused brain, liver, lung) were harvest from mouse and were dissociated 24 hours later using LeviPrep Mouse Tissue Dissociation Kit. Cold dissociation protocol ensures viability and cell health is maintained. Cells were subsequently run on the LeviCell system to further improve viability.

Embracing diverse fragile cell types of the brain

After processing whole adult mouse brain with LeviPrep Mouse Tissue Dissociation Kit run on the LeviCell system, scRNA-seq was performed. Data analysis showed that all the major cell subtypes present in the brain were represented, including fragile cell subtypes such as microglia. (A) dimensionality reduction analysis demonstrating the clusters of cells detected based on levels of gene expression markers; (B) Percentage of cell subtype representation of processed brain tissue after using the LeviPrep-LeviCell workflow.

Efficiently enrich for microglia

Efficient microglia enrichment post LeviPrep-LeviCell workflow can be achieved. Levitation Technology is gentle and can handle the most sensitive or fragile cell types with out activation or gene expression alteration. Microglia can be enrich in abundance on the LeviCell systems. (A) Representative UMAP demonstrating diverse brain cell subtpes after enrichment.

Minimize transcriptional changes for unaltered gene expression

LeviPrep-LeviCell workflow enriches homeostatic microglia. (A) Representative UMAP demonstrating different microglia types profiled using single cell sequencing after FACS or LeviCell system. Quantification of percentage of homeostatic microglia (B), proliferating, inflammatory microglia and macrophages (C) per cluster obtained after FACS or LeviCell. 


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Kit Size: 24 rxns/kit

Pre-optimized kit and protocol for fast and easy cold dissociation of mouse brain, lung and liver primary tissue. Combined with the LeviCell system, enrich for the healthiest and most viable cells that are free from activation or gene expression changes. This kit allows for the gentlest handing and highest recovery preserving cellular states.
  • Includes 4 different enzymes and protocol
  • Optimized to work with the LeviCell system
  • Additional protocols available for mouse brain tissue