LeviCell 1.0 System

Cell isolation and enrichment 

Increase your sample viability up to 99%

The LeviCell® 1.0 system provides groundbreaking cellular analysis technology not seen in over 30 years. Now, for the first time ever scientists, researchers, and labs can examine, analyze, and deliver true biological signatures without altering, stressing or damaging cells—while preserving your original samples. The LeviCell platform delivers true biology for real cellular insights to power oncology, neuroscience, immunology, and pharma drug research.

Reduce dead cells
and debris by up to 5x

Elevate your research

Unlock previously inaccessible samples

The LeviCell 1.0 system

The LeviCell cartridge

Spend less time waiting and more time researching

The LeviCell cartridge is a single-use consumable designed to perform sample enrichment on the LeviCell system. The cartridge is easily inserted and removed from the system for convenient sample loading and collection process. With a sample path that is 100% contained within the cartridge, sample cross-contamination and system cleaning requirements are a thing of the past.

Watch Levitation Technology in action

See live capture video of our groundbreaking Levitation Technology™ enabling cell enrichment and characterization on diverse samples at varying starting cell numbers.

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Sample preparation methods comparison

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LeviCell 1.0 System with 1-year warranty

PN 1000001

LeviCell S2.3 Cartridges (10 pack)

PN 1002010

LeviCell S2.3 Cartridges, Sterile (10 pack)

PN 1002012

Levitation Agent (10 rxn)

PN 1003001

LeviCell Installation and Calibration Kit

PN 1003003

LeviCell 1.0 Extended Service Plan, 1 Year Coverage

PN 1110001

LeviCell 1.0 Extended Service Plan, 2 Years Coverage

PN 1110002

LeviCell 1.0 Extended Service Plan, 3 Years Coverage

PN 1110003