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Developing Next Generation Sample Processing and Characterization Protocols

Most cell-based biological studies require researchers to prepare their target samples for downstream use, either endpoint analysis to gain insight about the sample or controlled sample expansion through select cellular processing workflows. However, due to the natural complexity associated with highly variable starting material, researchers must perform a series of disconnected, time consuming, and potentially harsh processing steps prior to pursuing their experimental output. These required steps create a critical bottleneck in scientific workflows that have commonly lacked innovation, integration, and clear optimized technologies and protocols to address. Our aim at LevitasBio is to address this bottleneck directly.

End-to-End Levitation-Based Sample Processing Workflow

We simplify the complexity of this bottleneck into 4 distinct buckets, including sample access, sample enrichment, target selection, and sample characterization. Each of these steps impart their own complexity and create potential issues for downstream analysis.

In 2020, we launched our core technology platform, the LeviCell, a powerful new technology based on magnetic levitation to initially address the critical need for sample enrichment by providing gentle, label-free viable cell separation free from the deleterious effects imparted by conventional sample preparation methods. Beyond enrichment, the platform was specifically designed to integrate, optimize, and improve many of the up and down-stream workflow steps.


As we look to the horizon, we see an ever-expanding portfolio of products based on levitation technology that empower end-to-end next-generation sample processing and characterization protocols. Learn more about our portfolio strategy to address each of the sample workflow steps below.

The aim of any biological research is to understand the natural or controlled state of the samples being queried, free from unnatural perturbation or stress imparted by sample handling. Processing and dissociation of tissue samples, such as resections and biopsies, is the most vital step in sample preparation, ideally leading to robust, high quality and viable cells for downstream workflows and analysis. To avoid cell death or alterations in sample phenotype, gentle methods must be used to obtain primary cells from tissue. Thus, dissociation methods must be optimized to maintain native cellular states for unbiased biological insights – free from disruption, perturbation or capture bias. Due to the power of sample enrichment provided by LeviCell, sample access reagents and protocols can be optimized to maintain natural biology for more representative sample output. To empower sample access, LevitasBio has developed and is now offering early access to a new breed of dissociation reagents, specifically optimized for use with the LeviCell platform.  Request more information or sign up for early access below.

Cellular-based research requires high purity and viability of the cells harvested from complex samples to obtain biologically meaningful results. High quality downstream analyses (such as single cell sequencing) or cellular expansion-based workflows (such as cell line development) demand gentle handling that minimizes cell perturbation and maintains the native biology that is under study. When enrichment conditions are suboptimal, free nucleic acid, debris, dead cells or even unwanted cells can generate high background and convolute downstream results. LeviCell empowers the enrichment of viable cells, while removing unhealthy and dead cells as well as cellular debris, which decreases the number of steps and time required. To extend the capabilities of the LeviCell system to enrich for specific samples, LevitasBio continues to expand technologies, techniques, and protocols tailored to your specific needs. To learn more about technology development or to explore potential partnership, contact us.

Identifying and enriching cells of interest from a mixture of different cell types is fundamental to the study of disease models and basic cell biology. Common techniques like flow cytometry, magnetic bead separation and density gradient centrifugation effectively separates cells at the expense of cell viability. In addition to viable cell enrichment, our new LeviSelect depletion kits will allow the removal of targeted contaminants, such as interfering cell types, red blood cells, free RNA, and specific extracellular matrix, resulting in far cleaner, unbiased viable cell populations. Additional new kits will allow for targeted enrichment of specific cell subtypes for downstream use. Combined, our selection of reagent kits put highly selectable purification power in the hands of the researcher, while maintaining the gentle separation dynamics that the LeviCell instrument provides. To expand upon the enrichment power of the LeviCell system,, LevitasBio has developed and is now offering early access to reagent kits which deplete targeted background from your sample, while simultaneously enriching for unbiased cells of interest. For more information or early access, sign up below.

Following sample processing, researchers often query their output samples against a series of metrics that allow intelligent sample handling decisions to be made. This sample characterization is critical to making go, no-go decisions about continued use of the processed sample or provide critical details that inform next steps. Examples include cell counting, sample quality assessment, expression profiling, population modeling, and morphology to name a few. LeviCell’s unique ability to suspend cells in three-dimensional space combined with on-board bright-field and fluorescent imaging allows AI-based software to characterize the sample during the enrichment process, integrating these insights into a complete workflow. LevitasBio is leveraging the power of levitation, imaging, and AI to develop a suite of sample characterization tools on the LeviCell platform.  To indicate interest in collaborating or providing input,  reach out below.

The ability to gently and efficiently separate cells with the LeviCell system is part of an optimized workflow that prepares high quality samples for downstream studies. Presently disconnected, time consuming and potentially harsh processing and characterization steps have all been eliminated. Our expanding portfolio of products will comprehensively address the most challenging aspects of sample processing and characterization. By integrating your existing workflow with our LeviCell platform, you will be empowered with the best possible samples to discover what has previously been inaccessible.  Join us on this journey to elevate your results through a holistic experience of sample preparation and analysis with the LeviCell workflow.

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