Early Access Programs

Tissue Dissociation Kit

Processing and dissociation of tissue samples, such as resections and biopsies, is the most vital step in sample preparation, ideally leading to robust, high quality and viable cells for downstream workflows and analysis.  To avoid cell death or alterations in sample phenotype, gentle methods must be used to obtain primary cells from tissue.  Thus, dissociation methods must be optimized to maintain native cellular states for unbiased biological insights – free from disruption, perturbation or capture bias.  Due to the power of sample enrichment provided by LeviCell, sample access reagents and protocols can be optimized to maintain natural biology for more representative sample output.

With the new tissue dissociation kit, you can:

  • Jump start your research with optimized dissociation protocols for lung, liver, heart and brain
  • Obtain healthy and highly viable cells after dissociation
  • Reduce sample processing cellular stress factors
  • Use cells for variety of downstream analytical studies

Target Depletion Assays

New target depletion assays enable the removal of targeted contaminants, such as interfering cell types, red blood cells, free RNA, and specific extracellular matrix.  Additional kits will enable targeted enrichment of specific cell subtypes for downstream use. 

You will now be able to perform highly selectable purification, while maintaining the gentle separation dynamics LeviCell provides. 

With the new target depletion assay, you can:

  • Enrich for viable cell population and target cell depletion concurrently
  • Target cells of interest without labeling
  • Reduce sample processing cellular stress factors

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