Early Access Program

Be a pioneer and join the #levitationrevolution!

LevitasBio®’s Early Access Program offers researchers and scientists an opportunity to help shape the future of our portfolio.

As an early access tester, you will:

  • Gain access to products for evaluation prior to official release
  • Get sneak previews of upcoming early access programs and products


Current Program: LeviSelect Kits

LeviSelect™ products combines Levitation Technology™ with the ability to enrich for cell-specific population of interest. Specific and viable cell enrichment is performed simultaneously on the LeviCell® systems and allows the separation of specific cells of interest from unwanted cells during a single run.

Choose from a variety of different kit types to enrich for immune populations, remove contaminants like residual RBCs in tissue samples or deplete undesirable cell population(s) using a marker-specific biotinylated antibodies with our StreptAvidin Depletion Kit.

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