Early Access Program

Be a pioneer and join the #levitationrevolution!

LevitasBio’s Early Access Program offers researchers and scientists an opportunity to help shape the future of our portfolio.

As an early access tester, you will:

  • Gain access to products for evaluation prior to official release
  • Get sneak previews of upcoming early access programs and products

Current Program: LeviSelect Immune Kits

LeviSelect™ products combine Levitation Technology with a targeted selection of specific cell types. Targeted and viable cell enrichment is performed simultaneously on the LeviCell system and allows the separation of specific cells of interest from unwanted cells during a single run.

LeviSelect Immune Kits support target selection of the immune subpopulations required for downstream cell analysis or further subsetting. Researchers can enrich hematopoietic populations quickly without lengthy workflows or potential cell activation.  Seven kits are immediately available, and six more LeviSelect kits have just been released for early access.  Fill out the form to request your kit(s) of interest.