Cells & Sample Types

Any size, Any type.

Levitation technology has been extensively tested for a wide range of cell types and applications.

Sample Types

  • Dissociated Tissue
  • Blood
  • Biopsies
  • Saliva
  • Urine
  • Fine Needle Aspirates
  • Swabs
  • Cell Culture
  • Fixed Tissue
  • Lavages

Cell / Particle Types

  • Immune cells
  • Cancer cells
  • Lung cells
  • PBMCs
  • Stem cells
  • Neurons
  • Embryos
  • Organoids
  • Small Animals (C. elegans)
  • Cell clusters
  • Fetal cells


  • NGS
  • Single-cell sequencing 
  • FACS
  • Proteomics
  • Transfection
  • Gene editing
  • Microarray analysis
  • Cell culture

Cell Types

Cell Type Sample Type Cell Type Sample Type
293T (with and without DMSO treatment) Cell line Monocytes Primary
293T-VP (with viral protein production) Cell line Mouse bone marrow / human tumor xenograph Tissue
Activated vs resting macrophages Cell line Mouse gut epithelium cells Primary
Adipocytes from mouse fat pad Tissue Mouse gut organoids Primary
B Cell Leukemia Primary Mouse liver / human tumor xenograph Tissue
B cells Primary Mouse liver cells
Bakers yeast (S. cervesiae) Reconstituted Mouse lung Tissue
BJ fibroblasts Cell line Mouse lung nuclei Tissue
Bladder tumor cells Mouse lympocytes Cell line
Bone marrow cells (neutrophils) Mouse macrophages Primary
Breast cancer circulating tumor cells (CTCs) Tissue Mouse olfactory bulbs Tissue
Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) cells Tissue Mouse organoids Tissue
Cardiac muscle cells Culture Mouse ovary Tissue
Cardiac organoids Tissue Mouse pancreas Primary
CHO transfected cell line Cell line Myelosarcoma (nasopharynx) Nuclei Tissue
Cirrhotic mouse liver Tissue NALM-16 CRISPR cells Cell line
Co-culture HEK and NALM-17 Cell line Neuroblastoma nuclei Tissue
Cord blood mononuclear cells Primary Neurons
Eluted sperm Swab Neutrophils Primary
Glia cells from spleen Tissue NK cells Primary
Glioma cells Nuclei (multiple) Tissue
GM12878 lymphoblastoid cell line Cell line Nuclei from adipocytes Primary
GM24385 cellosaurus cell line Cell line Nuclei from kidney Tissue
HCC1395 tumor cells Cell line Packed red blood cells
HEK293 cells Cell line Pediatric glioma nuclei Tissue
HEPA 6-1 Cell line Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) Primary
HPV / HIV infected cells Prostate tissue nuclei Tissue
HSC-derived macrophages Cell line RAW264.7 Cell line
Human brain nuclei Tissue Renal cell carcinoma tissue Tissue
Jurkat cells Cell line Stellate cells Primary
K562 cells Cell line Stem cells
Keratinocytes T cells Primary
KP22E mouse cells Cell line T cells - CD4 and CD 8 Primary
Kupffer cells Primary T cells - naïve vs memory
Liver metastitic tumor cells Tissue Thin prep
Liver rhabdomyosarcoma nuclei Tissue Thymus tissue Tissue
Lung cancer tissue cells Tissue Whole blood Tissue
Lung metastatic tumor cells Tissue Yeast - opaque vs white Culture
Lung organoids Tissue Yeast - persister vs dead Culture
Lung tissue (retrospective IPF patient sample) Tissue
MDA-MB-231 Cell line