Flow Cytometry

Analyze more viable cells, reduce dead cell and debris

Start with viable, debris-free
cells – every time

Flow cytometry is an important and powerful cellular research method; however, sample quality and sensitivity can hinder the flow process, and researchers often face a dilemma between speed vs. cell stress. Higher pressure creates faster results but can also be less accurate and more damaging to fragile and sensitive cells. Not anymore.

Process faster with less contaminants

The LeviCell® platform allows flow cytometry users to perform a simple, 3-step, 20 min walkaway run for viable cell enrichment run that enables faster processing time and improved sample resolution independent of dead cells and debris, initial sample viability, and initial starting cell numbers.

The transformative potential of Levitation Technology™ and the LeviCell® systems for multimodal single-cell analysis is clear.

Efficient, effective viable cell enrichment

Foundational technology from Stanford and Harvard Universities, the revolutionary Levitation Technology™ is based on individual cells’ intrinsic properties of density and buoyancy. Physical signatures of cells vary based on cell type and state, causing them to levitate in predictable ways when in a magnetic field and a paramagnetic solution. The LeviCell platform enables the ability to separate cells from dead or dying cells and debris contaminants.

In the example flow cytometry plots below, Human Lung DTC samples were processed for viable cell enrichment using the LeviCell 1.0 system. The viability of the post-LeviCell DTC cell suspension increased approximately 3-fold, from 32% to 87%, due to the removal of dead cells, which decreased over 5-fold, from 67% to 12%.

Before LeviCell:
After LeviCell:

Complete removal of dead cells and debris

The innovative label-free separation technology of the LeviCell systems facilitate complete debris and dead cell removal without affecting the original population representation.

Stop masking rare cell populations, avoid debris clogging runs or spending exhaustive processing time with dead cells. Start visualizing cell populations with more clarity by integrating the LeviCell systems and Levitation Technology into flow based workflows.

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